Our service has been recommended, praised and highly reputed by individuals who passed through us before getting admitted into universities in Ghana. We charge our clients according to what we do for them. We make sure

  • we assist you in selecting the best university and course of your choice based on your budget for tuition fees, accomodation, transportation and feeding.
  • We also help in purchasing, processing and submitting application forms on your behalf .
  • Forwarding your admission letter to you within three weeks.
  • Free arrangement for your arrival into Ghana (By Air or Land)
  • Provide you with accommodation into Hostels and Self contained
  • Free Airport or Bus station pick up when you arrive Ghana and also direct you to your School
  • Free tips to getting accommodation close to school
  • We support you through out the period and provide you with every necessary information.

Our Fee: N30,000

Please Note: Our agency fee is not negotiable and we have also tried our best to put our fee at an affordable price. But if you think we charge to high then you are free to try other Ghana admission agencies of your choice.

We have students as part of us, that is why we have our price as such because we understand what it means to be a student when you don’t receive salary at the end of the month. Due to our research we found out that most agencies charge up to $700 and more.

If you are not satisfied with our service offer or fee then reach us through this form and we will definitely get back to you as soon as possible


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